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The book Silent Moments is available for purchase.  Please click on the image and follow the links.

Ghost Estate 1
Ghost Estate-2
Ghost Estate-3
Ghost Estate-5.jpg
Ghost Estate-6.jpg
Ghost Estate-7.jpg
Ghost Estate-8.jpg
Ghost Estate-9.jpg
Ghost Estate-10.jpg
Ghost Estate-11.jpg
Ghost Estate-12
Ghost Estate 12
Ghost Estate 13
Ghost Estate 14

In 2010 I began a project on Ghost Estates, a project I feel is as important to-day as is was 4 years go.   Still lying empty and the landscape silently re-claiming the land, Ghost Estates have become a lasting and stark reminder of the decadence and naivety of the Irish nation. Silent Monuments to those who built them believing that our economic boom would never end and an everlasting reminder of how wrong they were.  Approximately 2000 of these estates remain unfinished. Hidden behind broken fences, locks and security gates these buildings have been left to rot as the builders and workers were forced to down tools and walk away. Leaving behind a new sound, where there should have been the sounds of children playing and families starting a new life there now only remains silence.  

A silence which echos the fractured  dreams of a nation. 

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